Self is why

There are many professing, proclaiming to be followers of Christ. Many are struggling every day, and blaming God.

Why? Self is why.

One’s choice to hold on to resentment, self-indulgence, intemperance, un-forgiveness, lying, gluttony, gossiping, self-abuse; idolatry, fornication, holding on to those darling sins; fans of those in sports, entertainment, movies, etc.

How we live, our choices prove who we love, who we worship.

We cannot sit down at the table with Satan and expect to dine with Christ. There is only one or the other a soul can serve, love, and worship. If anyone believes that they can love, worship, serve both God and Satan; or they believe what they are doing is ok with God, that it’s not sin, that Christ knows their heart (He sure does and they don’t): they are deceived, being influenced or controlled by demons or by Satan himself.

Many profess they are in Christ and He in them while they do what is contrary to His word, to His character, violate His law of love, liberty.

God is light and in Him is no darkness at all. God is righteous and in Him is no unrighteousness.

If we want to abide in Christ, and His word to abide in us; we must not open not one door to Satan.

Many blame God for why they are still struggling with sin, why they are not overcoming appetite, addictions, etc. Many even speak from the pulpits that it’s God why there is no change in them; that it’s in His time, that it must be His will.

The soul who does not surrender their all to God, cannot overcome. It is not any slack or lacking on God’s end. Not at all.

Awake out of sleep you who profess to know and love God while choosing to live contrary to His will.

To you who do not know God, please get to know Him. To all, give your will to His will. Give up yourself your heart to God, ask Him to take it. Ask God to put His Spirit in you. Ask God to save you from sin. Ask God to teach you about Himself. He will.

If anyone is lost, it is no one’s fault but their own.

Christ is waiting for us to give Him complete and full control of us, our lives. He will not force us. He is waiting, but not forever. There is an end. Let us not wait and it be too late.


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