Blessed, sanctified: Rest—Holy Sabbath

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If the Sabbath, the seventh day (Saturday) was kept holy—God reverenced, worshiped in Spirit and in truth; the soul loving God with all their heart (mind), with all their soul (their life, their very existence); and with all their might (By faith put forth all their human effort being intentional, mindful to, and sincere); If the Sabbath is cherished, protected, handled with care, Christ held near and dear, all focus on God: Their would be no sin; no disobedience to God; no hatred for God. There would only be love for God: By faith, obeying God.

The Sabbath is blessed, holy—sanctified by God. The Sabbath sanctifies the soul. The Word sanctifies. The Holy Spirit sanctifies.

The Sabbath “day” in the context of time cannot make the soul happy. But the seventh day (Saturday), the Sabbath, is also Rest.

Christ mind in us, the hope of glory, the Word of God in us, the Holy Spirit in us: We rejoice. We are joyful. We are happy. Many speak from their mouths “happy sabbath”, but in their hearts is anger, resentment, the Sabbath is grievous to them; keeping the sabbath holy is truly not in their heart (mind—in their thoughts) to do—their mind is elsewhere and is on self, and others, and on later or on tomorrow. The Sabbath is a distraction to them.

The Sabbath is more than just a “day”. It is the very presence of God—from the rising of the sun unto the west; it is time: the habitation of the very presence of the Almighty God.

The holy Sabbath day is who God is—His very presence, existence filled up in time—the seventh day. Moses was told to remove his shoes from off of his feet because he was standing on holy ground. Why was the ground holy? Because of God’s presence their, His existence there.

We are to keep our foot off God’s holy Sabbath in not doing “our own thing” nor speaking our “own words”.

Keeping our foot off His holy day is about our “choices”, our state of mind more so than it is about “pleasure” a word in today’s language that we misapply to God’s command.

Speak the word. The seventh day God blessed, sanctified, is holy. God is holy. We who are His children—He makes us holy. We are made holy by the Sabbath —Rest.

Sabbath is about God. If we are His true children, His converted children: We look to the blessed sanctity of Sabbath, of Rest. The Sabbath points our focus on salvation—deliverance from sin. We have the life-Giver and we are available, eager to give the blessing of Sabbath to those needing to be delivered from the bondage of sin; to those without n need of Him as their Savior and their Lord. And we live Isaiah 58 each and every day God awakes us, gives us divine appointments. We abide in Christ, His word abides in us.

Spiritual things are spiritually discerned. If God’s people are made holy by Him: Sabbath is a delight. We look forward to rising before the rising of the sun and usher in the holy presence of God into us, into our dwelling—our physical habitation, into our surroundings: in our mind and in our body as well. Only they God makes holy can keep His Sabbath holy.

The Sabbath is not a burden to us in any way, shape, or form. And we don’t make it a burden on others. We do not make light of Sabbath—Oh yes, The Sabbath has everything to do with our salvation: Being delivered from sin and death. The penalty for sin was paid for by Christ, He gives us free of charge, nothing we can do to be delivered from the second death (the penalty for sin) ourselves; but, to accept Christ gift, and keep hold of it, don’t reject it; don’t by default give it up by choosing to be at enmity with God instead of by faith choosing enmity to sin, to Satan.

The Sabbath is Christ seal in us; His sign that He is in us, we are His.

We are to be about our Father’s business. We are not being self-pleasing nor being men-pleasers. We put our feet our hands, our minds to God’s good works: Saving souls—to the healing of souls spiritually and physically which includes mentally. The gospel going forth to all people by and through the right hand of God’s healing: Being made whole (Totally, complete healing in mind and body) that one goes forth and sins no more.

The Sabbath is not just a “day”.

Be not deceived. Repent and be converted.


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