Listen up and hear before it’s too late

God is light and in Him is no darkness at all.

Why would the children of light be about the business of Satan—darkness? Every pagan holiday including Halloween? Not just in these days celebrated but in the work, pleasure, entertainment, sports, the movie watching; the dressing, the communications, the gaming, etc.

If you are children of light, be children of light. Be who you are going to be. Live unto God according to the Word Of God by faith, and by the power of God—if you are His.

There is only one out of two that a soul belongs to: God or Satan. Period.

Each time you dress up in a costume, paint your face, etc., you are inviting Satan, his demons, his emps into your mind, life, Home. There are unclean spirits attached to all living contrary to the Word of God: contrary to God’s will.

Stop playing around on Satan’s ground. Sin destroys!

Many do what they want to do every day, let alone on God’s Holy day—placing self on Satan’s ground. Then, when Satan enters from their invitation to work in their life—they call on God accusing God crying, Why? Why? Why? Every choice brings consequences! Because God does not force, He allows our free-will choice! Our choice either brings blessing or curse.

God’s mercy is still shown us in the fact that we are given opportunity after opportunity to give up self to Him; that we are still standing—He is long-suffering with us; and it could be much worse, and one could be in the grave having died in sin!

Many gossip, smoke, drink alcohol, do drugs, lie, are presumptuous, fornicate, eating that which is not glorifying God. Husbands are not being the priest in their homes; Husbands are not loving their wives as Christ loves His Church. Wives are not reverencing their husbands. They are not choosing by faith to be virtuous, holy women of God; Wives are not teaching their children truth as it is in Christ by speech and example in their living in, and out of the home. Many are not being a steward of God in their finances. They are not being a steward of God in their time, etc.

God has allowed providence and circumstance. But, many choose to continue living self in this world doing what they want to do. What is it going to take?

It is better to be lame and be God’s and be translated and go to heaven when Jesus comes; than to have all your limbs and live how you want, have and spend money how you want, etc., be lost and die the second death .

Jesus died the second death so we would not have to. But, if you keep choosing sin—living your way l, living your culture, your people’s way, your children’s way; your employers’ way, living by the world and according to it; you will die the second death yourself having forfeited God’s free gift.

Oh yes! You gotta obey somebody. Why not obey (believe) God? Choose you this day who you will serve.

What is the whole duty of man (mankind)?

Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.


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