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The Lord is our righteousness

The Sabbath (The seventh day of the week—Saturday) is the sign of Jesus in us. It is our faith that ignites the Power, the grace of God to move in us.

The Sabbath is evidence of our faith. Without faith it is impossible to please God. We are saved by grace through faith. We are entered into His rest from our labor (those six days—Monday through Friday), from all commonness of every aspect of our living. We, on the seventh day (Sabbath, Saturday) enter into Rest (Christ) from all the hustle and bustle of the world. Being filled with the Spirit of God, we have no self—righteousness, no works trying to save ourselves as we live throughout the week. Yes, God is with us every day. But, on the seventh day, it’s all about God. Period. He requires our all, our full, complete attention —our mind, our focus on Him. No distractions pulling us away from Him being our habitation. On the seventh day (Sabbath, Saturday), we enter into His rest. God requires, He commands us to keep the Sabbath holy. God is holy. If we are God’s, we are to be holy. He does this sanctifying work in us if we desire it, giving Him permission to do it.

The Sabbath is who Christ is, and is also the day He sanctified holy. We are sanctified by the Sabbath. The life of the soul inhabited by God produces the lifestyle of the love of God reflecting His faith all week long. The Sabbath is the fuel needed to live unto God all the week long.

The seventh day is the day, the span of time God chose to be the habitation of His very holy presence. The day, the span of time that He chose to inhabit and dwell with His people: They who love Him, keep His commandments, have the faith of Jesus: They who believe on Jesus Christ our Lord, they who overcome as Christ overcame.

We cannot enter into Rest, and be in His habitation if we do not believe. We do what we believe: Faith and works: Being a hearer and doer of the word of God.

Give your all to God today. Give Him permission to be your habitation. Allow Him to fill you up with Himself. Wonderful. Goodness.


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