The penalty paid is not automatic deliverance from sin

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The soul cannot serve, cannot love two masters.

One cannot belong to God yet dine with, play with, fornicate with, gossip with, be resentful with, angry and hateful with, and unforgiving with Satan.

The wages of sin is death. Saved from the penalty of sin: Christ died the second death paying the penalty for sin for all humanity. This gift from Christ to us is free—there is nothing we can do to pay it ourselves, it is done/finished. The soul can only accept or reject it.

Saved from sin: Salvation—deliverance from sin, from the power of sin is not free. It cost us our will. We have to cooperate with God. We must sacrifice self. Self has to die daily. The soul must daily choose whether to be and remain one hundred percent surrendered to God, give up self-will to the will of God, be governed by God; or to be ruled by Satan.

Many want Christ as their Savior but not as their Lord.

A sinner saved by grace through faith is a new creature in Christ: The soul is covered with the righteousness of Christ. The soul is no longer a sinner. Sin no longer has dominion over them.

If the soul continues to claim to be a sinner, they speak their words into existence—the choice of death and curses; and they call God a liar. They reject God’s gift: Christ paid the wages of sin for everyone. Also, they reject God’s salvation: Being delivered from sin—delivered from the power of sin.

We must know the power we have in our tongue: The words we speak reveal the thoughts in our mind. Our thoughts become words. Our words become actions. The lifestyle is changed by our beholding. Who are, what are you beholding? (Please do not answer to me). If souls keep claiming to be sinners, they will remain sinners. Be careful, be mindful to speak the word, speak choosing life and not death—speak the word of God, His promised blessings.

The sinner does not stand in the judgement of the righteous

We are either converted or we are not. There is no such thing as being in the middle or on neutral ground. We are either hot or cold. God’s or Satan’s Period.

Now, by faith, faith of Jesus, and power of the Holy Spirit—we go on to overcoming as Christ overcame. We choose by faith to obey God, loving God for He first loved us. We accept God’s free gift and go on to being sanctified by God living His righteousness by faith—trusting He will do what He says. We repent, He converts us, restores us unto His image. He has delivered us from sin: Salvation. But because of unbelief (disobedience to God, no faith) many reject Christ gift of salvation with their choices in living even though they accepted His free gift with their mouth—-lip service.

Sanctification does not take a lifetime; but sanctification is a work that God does in us, making us holy for the remainder of our lives; that we live holy unto God for eternity. He is the God that sanctifies us. He makes us holy. He sets us apart holy for Himself. The righteous have Christ mind in them. The righteous have no righteousness of their own—but only Christ righteousness is in them. These are justified by the Word, by Christ.

To live by faith takes being filled with God’s Agape (love), and with His Holy Spirit. God’s love involves one being completely surrendered to Him. Their very existence is living love unto God (obedience to Him). The surrendered soul to God by faith lives by every word that procedeth out of the mouth of God—not by their might but through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Obedience to God’s Word, keeping, observing, doing His commandments; and choosing by faith to live by His every word is being His witness that He is God—witness of being sanctified by the One True God, the God of our salvation.

Obedience to God is loving God—the lifestyle of they who God puts His Spirit in: The Holy Spirit causes us to walk in God’s statues, to walk in the Spirit, to live the fruit of the Spirit, to love God’s law of love, to love the Truth, live truth, to live by faith, to live out the faith of Jesus. Obedience is the lifestyle of they who have accepted His free gift, and surrendered self completely to God, they die daily that Christ live in them.

It is impossible for a soul to live disobedience to God and their name remain written in the book of life.

Salvation begins with accepting Christ gift being saved from the penalty of sin; salvation does not end there. It is a threefold process: Justification, righteousness, go on by faith living the rest of one’s life being sanctified by God.

God is light and in Him is no darkness at all. He is righteous and in Him is no unrighteousness. God cannot, will not dwell in the soul holding on to sin, loving sin, loving darkness rather than light.


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