What do you have to loose?

What do you have to loose—spiritual and physical disease, including mental…?

Do you want to keep living your own way and be lost? How you may ask?

Our body, our mind is the temple of God. Christ paid the price for our lives with His life. God, being our Creator, created for us the best ultimate diet knowing what brings us health. He knew these times would come and created what will rid the body of toxins, heavy metals, poisons, guard against disease, fighting off sickness, illnesses, viruses.

Man thinks they know better than God. In God permitting mankind their own lust and desires, is that they see the results, the consequences of choosing their will over His will; that they learn from their mistakes, learn from their disobedience that God’s will, His way is best, and is a demonstration of His love. His ways is not to restrict us, but to protect us from harm, from the demonic holds of the enemy, from death. God wants to deliver us from sin—this is His salvation. But man still does not adhere to God’s instructions, they choose their own lust.

Read Numbers chapter 11 and Psalm 78 to understand what God allowed because of the peoples’ lust and desires. While the flesh was still in their mouth, death was the result.

Disease and death comes as a result of disobedience to God’s will—His Word. To be restored by God unto His image, we will have to live in His original plan by faith, His Holy Spirit. Disobeying God is hating Him. Disobeying God is sin. The wages of sin is death whether one dies slowly living their own way, or whether one dies immediately.

Thou shalt not surely die is a lie told by the father of lies: Satan. Stop listening to him, hearing him, obeying him.

Be not deceived. Repent and be converted.


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