Let us know who we are, who’s we are

I am one like many others born in the image of Adam who was created in the image of God.

Having accepted, received God’s gift of salvation, having first sat down and counted the cost of surrendering my will to the will of God; knowing and understanding what this faith choice entails, having put off the “old man”, confessed sin, repented: God is restoring me unto His image, perfecting Himself in me. Although I have not “arrived” as some say; God is not done with me, yet. I am His work in progress. God says I belong to Him: The One and Only True God: The Creator and Redeemer. God says my righteousness is of Him. He is the God of my, of our salvation.

God says that we are to be a new creature, and no longer a fornicator committing adultery against Him professing to be God’s while living contrary to His word: Contrary to His will. God says I am His Ambassador. He has blessed me to be His servant. God is my Maker and my Husband. God has blessed me to be a virtuous woman: He spoke it and I stood fast. God said He sets me apart holy for Himself. He commands the blessings upon my storehouses and all I set my hand to. God blesses my children and my grandchildren. He makes me the head and not the tail; He says I am above only, and not beneath. God’s thoughts for me are only good, right.

God’s thoughts for you, us all are good and right.

Do not seek to be what others want you to be, being a men pleaser sinning against God. Seek God. Know who He says you are. God is calling you. Have you answered and become His chosen? If you do; you can be His servant too!!!

If you are proclaiming to be God’s son/daughter; Know who your life and speech speaks you belong to. Know your purpose. Know your place.


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