Where are you standing?

People say they belong to God. They call Jesus Christ their Lord. Yet, they do not do the things He says do.

On the other hand, they obey and do all they have been indoctrinated to do—with no questions asked. They even try to make it relate to Christ, when God has nothing to do with it.

What we do, how we live, our deportment, and the one we obey reveals the object of our worship and service. Remember this. The one we serve is our master.

Let me say it like this. Stop playing around. Get off Satan’s ground. Stop believing the lies whispered in your ears by Satan’s workers of iniquity. They take delight in sin and even plan to sin again and again. Yes. Sadly, some of them you love and obey: your spouse, your children, your parents, your siblings, your kinfolk. They may be your friends, your co-workers, your pastor. You get the idea.

But get this. Condemnation comes upon you, when you reject truth. You condemn yourself, when you call the truth a lie. The Bible lets us know that when we don’t love truth, but take pleasure in sinning, we will receive strong delusions and believe lies. (Read 2 Thessalonians 2:8-12.) This is why one falls, again and again.

Sadly, souls will be lost, because they did not believe the truth. Souls will be lost, because they do not and did not cherish and protect or be careful to observe and do God’s law of love. They rejected His law of liberty and freedom. Souls will be lost, because they loved darkness, rather than light. They chose and still choose to be in bondage, trying to do away with God’s law.

Understand this. We do what we believe. Period.

We are not consistent in doing what we don’t cherish. We will not continue doing what we don’t believe. We will not keep doing what we don’t love doing.

God’s law is for governing His people. Many want Christ as their Savior; but they don’t want Him as their Lord.

It is written: If you love me, keep my commandments.

God sees who you love, cherish and obey. He knows. Be careful where and on whose ground you set your feet. That is the ground on which you build your future.


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