Marriages are in trouble! But why?

Hear the truth:

Many are confused. Or they have been blinded. Maybe, they just do not accept responsibility for that which is the result of their own choices. This blindness is no longer creeping only into newly formed marriages but is steeped deeply in marriages that are professed to be blessed of God.

Many are feeding only on milk (basic moral ethics) and are unconverted themselves. Still, they want to go out and teach the Word of God.

We have to repent and be converted. We need to be applying the Word of God in our own lives, living the victory Christ has given us. When we are converted, we will encourage the brethren. We ourselves ask God for His Holy Spirit. Being led of the Holy Spirit, we go and teach, preach, baptize. We don’t go out on our own. We don’t teach our own percepts. We must have true understanding of the Word of God. Our teaching is not just our speech. It is our daily living.

It has been said that the fire will go out in the marriage, if the persons do not stay passionate. It is said, if they are letting themselves go, if they don’t stay fit, dress nicely, and look a certain way when the husband (male) gets home, etc., and vise versa.

Let me break this down. The spiritual aspect of the fire gone out is similar to the physical. Yet, it is distinctly different.

When we fully open the door at Christ knocking, accepting His gift offered to us; we are immediately justified by our faith in so doing. God moves us out away from our habitation out away from our environment. He then cleans us up. He puts His Spirit in us. He removes the stony heart out of our flesh and gives us a new heart of flesh. He heals us from the diseases of sin, of our backslidings. He gives us freedom of choice to remain cleaned up, to remain new creatures, to remain married to Him dressed in His apparel the garments He clothes us in; worshipping Him in our daily living; eating and drinking and doing everything in our living to His glory. But it is our daily choice to remain surrendered to God, to remain filled with His Spirit making us holy that our walk and talk is holy as we live (worship) God in our eating, drinking, talking, communicating, listening, watching, etc. If we choose to let our “fire” go out, “let ourselves go” choose not to stay surrendered to Christ, and choose to do just one little tiny thing out of the order of God’s governing; the holy marriage is broken, the holy union is tainted, it is defiled. It is no longer holy. God is again on the outside standing knocking at the door of our heart (mind). He does not force us to reconcile with Him even when we confess and He forgives us… He awaits our opening the door completely unto Him until/unless we finally grieve the Holy Spirit away never to return.


Because God is only light. God is only righteous. His Holy Spirit will only dwell in the vessel, in the temple where God’s light is, in cleanness being holy and makes us holy. Holy and unholy, godly and ungodly; clean and unclean, righteousness and sin; light and darkness cannot join together, cannot walk together, cannot be in agreement, cannot touch and agree in prayer in Jesus name; cannot be in harmony, cannot have the mind of Christ. Therefore, cannot be in holy marriage with God.

The physical aspect is similar to the spiritual in that we must be connected to Christ, His Spirit must be dwelling in us for us to physically and spiritually please God. Yet, the distinction is that the physical marriage that is not holy but the counterfeit; it is about pleasing self and God is not the Head of the physical marriage therefore, the marriage doesn’t have His Spirit and is void of His holiness, of His righteousness. Covetousness is the root of the many unholy marriages (the counterfeit marriage Satan has disguised). These souls are “looking for love” but cannot find God’s true love for their want is based on their traditions, and indoctrination of marriage period, of love by the world’s definition, standards.

The nitty-gritty of the matter is that the persons are not staying in connection with God, are not filled with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit; and have become darkened, the light is out, the heart (mind) is desolate. They are confused of what their roles are, they don’t know because they have been feeding on milk; they have been on the surface of the word, and have not been digging deep as for hidden treasure; they are not feeding on the solid meat (solid food) of the word.

The houseband (male) and wife (female) do not know their roles, their job descriptions, they do not know their roles under the government of God: Christ being the head of each of them and in the center of the holy marriage (union: no longer two separate persons, but now they are one flesh).

A mystery, yes. But God reveals to they who are off the milk.

Marriage in God’s eyes is not about each person “working” to be pleased, nor to be happy. No. But, first and foremost to please God (We were created for God’s pleasure). God blessed marriage and sanctified it, it is for holy use. Period. The male and female joined by God, in His presence; God is the pastor/priest officiating and join the two people one with Him in holy union. These two now are one flesh filled with the Holy Ghost having Christ mind. They work in unity in laboring for souls to be delivered from the bondage of sin. In so doing, they themselves are on fire for God. This fire will not go out unless one of them looses his/her connection to Christ.

The houseband (male) is first and foremost the priest of the home, of His wife, of His household. He is the savior of His wife. His first laboring is his wife, and to children (children inside or outside the home do not take precedence over the spouse. But if in Christ, they work in unity laboring for their children). The houseband (male) is to be the savior of his wife (female). He is to be to her what Christ is to us His Church. Study out the life of Christ to know the houseband’s (male) role and duty being the true child of God. The wife (female) will then submit to her houseband (male) as she submits unto God. Her countenance, her tone, her speech, her living will be unto him respect and honor as unto God. They are one flesh in the Lord filled with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

No one including Satan and all his angels (devils, demons) cannot break the male and female joined in holy union bound in the complete glory of God-— they cannot be plucked out of Christ the true Vine. HalleluYah!

Let us study out Ephesians 5 and know who we are, how we live, what our worship is, who we are married to spiritually; and what that is in the physical holy marriage male and female governed by God. And as we study throughout the holy scriptures, it is clear the contrast between they who love God and they who serve Satan. As we study, we remember that we were once lost but now found; we were once desolate but are now built up and flourishing; We are the redeemed of God; we are His righteous, we have no righteousness of our own. Without God, our righteousness is as filthy rags- we have no righteousness at all.


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