Promise to the Hungry, Thirsty

Hungry baby birds in nest

“Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled” (Matthew 5:6).

“The Scriptures a Safeguard. If the Bible is truly to be our “safeguard” through times of trouble, we must dig deep into its rich mine of truth, comparing scripture with scripture. In these closing hours of probation, we need to study more earnestly than ever before. Satan knows that the Bible, studied with heart and mind and soul, will be our “safeguard” during the perils of these last days; therefore it is his ‘constant study to keep the minds of men occupied with those things which will prevent them from obtaining the knowledge of God.’ 5T 740; See also GC 593. But if we improve our opportunities to gain a knowledge of the Bible, God will not leave us to the buffetings of the enemy. To those who hunger and thirst after righteousness the promise is that they shall be filled. [See] Matt. 5:6.“ Sarah Elizabeth Peck, Path to the Throne of God, pp 94, 95 (online version)

Dear Heavenly Father, please bless me to hunger and thirst after righteousness that I may be filled with Your Holy Spirit, understand Your Word and Your way, be transformed into Your divine image, and be a blessing to my loved ones and others. Thank You, for I ask these mercies in the precious and powerful name of Jesus. Amen🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

NOTE: These devotionals began as daily texts to encourage my academy roommate and dear friend of nearly 50 years, until she suddenly passed a few weeks ago (Feb 2023). Now I continue to send them to her daughter in honor of her mom. First, I pray and look for a Bible verse or passage and find a suitable commentary (or vice versa) and add a prayer. If you agree to receive them, then this way I not only honor God but the memory of a very dear friend whom I desperately miss. My personal prayer is that God will bless me to find ways to multiply this blessing from one or two people to an unnumbered multitude. So please feel free to forward to your loved ones or to anyone as God leads you. I think I’ll call them Barb’s Devotionals. Thank you! Audrey🙏🏽💕🙏🏽

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