What? Get Ready!

Do you know what you worship? What?

Yes. Yes, I know Whom I worship; for salvation is unto the Jews.

I am on watch, giving the warning: Jesus Christ is coming AGAIN soon, very soon!


When Michael stands up and takes off His priestly robe, He will then put on His royal robe and step out of the Holiest of Holies, out of the Most Holy Place with His kingly robe and stand as King of all kings. He will no more be interceding to His Father and on our behalf. He will come.

But get this!

There will be no transformation of character when Christ comes. The character is what it is. It will remain as it is, until at that time.

Have you looked in the mirror, the law of love, to see if there be any dirt left that maybe you did not see or cannot see? Hurry up and look!

Look deep into the whole Law: God’s Word. Ask God to search you, to try you, to show you what’s in you. Then acknowledge it. Confess to Him. And if you truly don’t want it, ask Him to take it from you. He will.

God will clean you up from the inside out. Period.

Come on and join me. Won’t you please come? Let us repent and be converted. Let us be born again.

Come on! Choose by faith the victory. Christ already won! It is ours! Choose by faith to live the victory!

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