Lemon: A Natural Deodorant!

Are you having a hard time finding the right deodorant? Let me help. It’s easier than you think. Well, let me first tell you to choose one that will both allow you to sweat and keep you odor free. That may be hard, if you are looking for an antiperspirant. You need to sweat!

Perspiration (sweating) is the major way our body regulates its temperature.

Everybody sweats!

Read about sweat and body odor. You need to understand what causes sweat and body odor. When you do, you will probably agree with me. I do not recommend using antiperspirants.

I have personally tried lemon and lime. Both work great!

I just cut a lime or lemon in half and apply directly on my armpits. Sometimes, my body just likes the lime better, sometimes lemon. I noticed that I could still smell the freshness of the lime after walking and sweating outdoors in 85-degree weather. I have tried numerous DIY deodorants. They did not work for me at all. The lemon/lime are all that I use once a day. Sometimes, I don’t need to apply more on for two days!

Tip: I store my lemons and limes wrapped up, placed in my fridge.

Click on the links below and read why the lemon/lime is a great deodorant.

Lemon juice

Lime: It’s natural and gentle. I love the smell.

Everyone is different. Lifestyle and dietary choices are different. But try the lemon/lime option and see if it will work for you.

I have observed from my own experiences and testimonies from others that a whole-food plant-based diet allows for better results when using lemon/lime or other natural remedies. These persons also tend to exercise daily, drink plenty of water, get plenty of fresh air and sunshine, seven to nine hours of rest and sleep nightly. They also practice temperance, meaning that they don’t drink alcoholic beverages or smoke or consume toxins. And they daily spend quality time with God in prayer and in the study of His word. This lifestyle is a gift from God.

If we sow the best food, water, etc., lifestyle, we shall reap the best health.

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