Ready? But you’re still naked!

Without a second thought, many get into public pools. They never stop to think that the others could be molesters, murderers, adulterers, perverts, liars, demons, or even positive for STDs or other diseases. Public pools float urine, bodily discharge and gasses in a harsh chemical, chlorine.

Most would disagree with me. Responses would go something like this: But everyone does it! It has always been done. What’s wrong with that? They would probably shake their heads and walk away. Maybe you’re shaking your head now. But hold on.

Have you ever thought about the fact that you are really taking a bath with some or maybe all of those mentioned above? A bath is private. It is intimate. Have you ever thought about the fact that you are absorbing into your bloodstream the toxins of others? It is bad enough that you are reabsorbing that which your own system expelled.

Let me get back to my real theme.

Have you thought about the fact that you are naked out in public? Have you thought about exposing yourself to potentially dangerous people, even besides the ones mentioned above?

In God’s eyes, souls that are not covered are naked.

Think about it like this. Would you invite anyone, especially strangers, into your home, let alone greet them in your underwear? Worse! Would you invite them into your tub?

Really. Swimsuits, shorts, tank tops, tanks or spaghetti strap dresses, miniskirts: all are colorful underwear. They are disguised in colors and patterns, like clothes. If they were not disguised, you would not wear them in public. You would not open the door. If they came inside your home, you would hide or quickly cover yourself.

It is really something that no thought is given to being naked out in public.

Disguised nakedness is one of Satan’s specialties. He disguises a lot of things, because he knows that many would not follow him, if he just put things out there as they really are.

If you profess to love God, go to Him before doing things, before going places, before wearing just anything. Know beforehand whether it is pleasing in God’s sight or not.

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