Trait Talk

To the professed children of God: Instead of posting about entertainers, sports, politics, why are you not warning people?

Why are we wasting God’s time, foolishly living, and promoting foolishness? Why are you bringing shame to God’s name? Are you a child of God? Why are you not doing as He warns us to do? How many lives will be in bloodstains upon your hands, because you did not sound the warning, because you did not tell the truth to a dying world around you?

Instead, you uphold, praise and applaud entertainers and sports figures in their sins. You make them feel good about their sinful lives. You promote the spirit of competition, which is of Satan. You are among those promoting division, instead of unity in God. You know their will. They do not promote God’s peace and unity in this dying world.

These are the last days! You bash, belittle and threaten God’s own. Then you call on God’s name?!

You bring shame to God by sinking to the ungodly level. You call others names. You degrade them. In true Satanic character, you call yourself speaking your rights and telling people a thing or two. You give your two cents. But now, you have proved your true character is Satan’s. You are doing Satan’s work.

Also, people are promoting, reverencing and upholding a man in politics. He is professed as only God should be. Are you serious?

Are you really saying that man and his name ought to be reverenced and upheld, but God’s name should not be so taught? Where is your two cents? Where is your right to speak for God?

God is shamed, not reverenced. He is not obeyed. He is rejected. God is disrespected, disobeyed, dishonored! God’s name is taken in vain not only by using His name in the curse word but also by professing to be God’s witness and taking unto yourselves God’s name, while not living His Word and not obeying Him, which means you are not loving Him!

Still, there is another way you take His name in vain. When you use His name in common sayings, such as “Oh my God,” or “Jesus Christ,” God is not honored. God commands that we do not take the Lord’s name in vain. Did you know this? Did you know it could be done in these ways?

Professed children of God, do you know we are being judged right now? Will your name remain in the book of life? If you are God’s, be about His business. If you are not interested in doing His business, then stop professing. Be who you are going to be. Stop taking on the name of God, while daily living the characteristics of Satan. Stop lying.

Please stop, people! Stop wasting time! Either you want to be saved or you do not. Either you want others to be saved or you do not. If you don’t and don’t care to do God’s work, please recognize there is an identity crisis. Make your identity known. Either you are God’s or you are Satan’s—no middle ground! Your life, your words tell all Heaven and Earth whose child you are. Please know it.

True Children of God: Live by every word that proceeds out of God’s mouth. It is by the Holy Spirit that we are given the power and strength to be loving obedient children of God. The wages of sin is death, people. No matter the sin, death is the payment. Death is the result, the consequence.

Please choose life. Choose life eternal. Choose God in Heaven.

God loves us so that He sent His son Jesus to die that we might have life. Then, Jesus rose from the dead, seizing victory over death, that we may have victory over sin. Jesus is in the Most Holy Place right now doing the work of interceding for us and cleansing the sanctuary. His work will soon be done. When Michael stands up, it is finished. The state you are found in at that time—whether mental or all-out character—when He stands up and changes His garments, that is the state you will remain in: righteous, righteous still; unrighteous, unrighteous still. Do you know when this will be?

Well, in any case, you should be in daily preparedness and readiness for Jesus Christ’s return.

Jesus is soon to come. If you want to know the truth, and make a conscious decision to love, serve, worship God, or not. Let’s study and get to it. Please, our Creator, our Redeemer cometh soon. Call out to God like you never have.

Seek. Ask. Knock. If you really truly want God’s Spirit—the Holy Spirit—God will give to you. The Holy Spirit will teach you and give you understanding of the knowledge and wisdom given you.

Please seek TRUTH with all you got. Please! I pray for your eternal salvation. To all who read this: May God’s will be done in your life.

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