Intimacy is not always in a hug or a kiss. Nor is it only sex. It is not always in a touch.

Intimacy can be expressed to those you text, call or think about in the middle of the night or early morning hours. It can be as simple as asking how are they doing, how did they sleep, or just wanting to share with them your thoughts, your dreams, your fears, or how your day went. It can include expressing to them that you desire to hear from them, to see them. Intimacy is giving someone else your attention when your spouse is asking for it, but you refuse. When your spouse desires your attention, you are tired, or you have a headache. At home, you watch TV or play a game. But you leave home when you want intimacy or really want to just be with someone.

The person you share intimacy with tends to always be in the back of your mind, even when other things would normally present a distraction.

Intimacy runs deeper than sex, it can be all of the above and then some. It can be a simple look. It can be defending the one you are mostly thinking about. But when you are questioned, your response implies “It’s nothing.“ Still, you defend that one, while you allow others to speak against your spouse. You even join in the bashing. Using social media platforms to feel close, when physical contact is not possible, can increase intimacy. Video or text messaging also increases intimacy, by keeping them in touch with your day, your life, your emotions. You just gotta have some kind of contact.

This kind of intimacy runs deeper than sex. It monopolizes the mind.

What a person thinks tends to be what they are. It also tends to be what ultimately they do.

Watch out… Idolatry runs deeper than worshiping a statue or a thing on some given day.

Watch out… Fornication runs deeper than porn and sex outside of marriage.

Watch out… Adultery runs deeper than sexually touching one other than your spouse.

Watch out… Covetousness is the root of sin.

Sin runs deep.

Satan is the ultimate artist of disguise. Without the discernment of Christ, you cannot determine it’s true identity. You cannot know it is sin.

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