Race and Racism

Do you know why there was slavery in the first place? Disobedience to God!

Do you know God sees no difference, knows no difference in a person’s skin color?

When God confounded the language at the Tower of Babel, they all went off. They scattered out all over the earth in different directions. They could not understand one another. They each adapted to the environment in which they inhabited. Cold climates where there is very little to no sun, the people adapted, and their skin whitened. Places with a little more sun and warmth produced light skin, but not as white, and so forth. Brown skin was produced where there was more sun and warmth, and darker skin, where the climate was hot and sunny most of the time. People of color are of various shades: light beige or light skin, light tan, tan, darker tan, light brown, brown, dark brown, black and darker black. Yet, even within these races, there is the same type of competition, sarcasm, hate, jealousy.

This black and white stuff, all the violence of the tongue and hand came, and still comes from the works of Satan through his influence upon mankind. Satan works through those who do not know God. Racism is of Satan. So if you practice it in your life in any kind of way, whether it be in sarcasm, in little things that you classify as being black, or speak about who is classified as white people, even though you are joking, even though you have various shades of people within your own relatives, you are not a true child of God.

God does not smile at, nor is He pleased with jesting, joking, speaking idle words. God is not pleased with jokes at another’s expense. All of this is of Satan. If we study God’s Word, we will all know God’s ways versus Satan’s ways. We would not wrongly accuse God with that which He has nothing to do.

When you surrender to God and accept Christ as your personal Saviour, it is the beginning of dying to self and selfishness. You are a new creature. Old things pass away. All things become new. We don’t live in nor by our own so-called culture. We live in and by God’s culture.

Violence, murder, vandalism, competition, slander, sarcasm, jealousy, hate: all are just a few among many behaviors originated, authored or characterized by Satan.

So while you profess to be God’s, be real with yourself. Examine yourself. Who are you really reflecting? Are you looking at others and at life through a new, clear glass as a new creature in the Lord God? Or are you still looking at life through that same old, cloudy glass? Do you categorize things according to skin color and race?

Yes. We may say White or Black or Hispanic in trying to describe someone we want to locate or learn more about. That is not what I am speaking of.

Yes. You may say someone does not want this person around that person, because they are Black. But that is to simply state a fact. You do not expound on it. You recognize it is not necessary. Rather, it is wrong and not of God. Therefore, you leave it there.

I have different shades of grandchildren. My relatives come in all shades. I have experienced racism from White persons and darker skinned Black persons. I have experienced racism from people who say they love me; but yet, they call out how light I am or that I look white. Whether jokingly or otherwise, God showed me that those who do it really have the character of Satan.

I don’t speak idly. I had things I had to overcome myself. Thanks to God, I am choosing His character. And He is blessing me to overcome.

Regardless of color, all have the same characteristics in differently expressed ways. It does not matter. It can be any color or class of people. There is only one race: the human race. God created the human race.

Every member of the human race simply shows to whom he or she belongs by the choices they make each day. They will either exhibit characteristics of Satan or God. Period.

I am an overcomer! I am looking through a clean, clear, new glass. Only through God’s eyes am I seeing. And through His power am I being His. Let’s do this! Please join me.

If our focus be on God, on His history, oh, what a people of God we will be. Oh, what conquerors over Satan can we all be!

Let us stop choosing to fall right into Satan’s snare and yield to him. The more one yields to Satan, the more one gives him control over them, until he has full control. And the poor soul does not even know it, while they go to church, pray, help the poor, feed the hungry, or profess health and dress reform. They call on God’s name. They profess and proclaim God. They are not God’s. They are lost.

God bless you to see and not become blinded, nor remain blinded by Satan.

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