Where are we, you?

From the pulpits of many congregations (whether online or not) is a message. And the Word of God may or may not be from where the message is prepared. But the message from the majority is not that which will cause the mind to seek God for His Spirit or that they have the will and power to die to self. Neither will the message lead to anyone seeking the will and power needed to have the faith and love of Christ or to overcome sin and be faithful to God, labor for other souls, or even to stay connected to Christ, no matter what comes.

They receive the message spoken as sounding “good.” Yet, the message is meant to distract from the weightier matters so the people get lax, tired, etc. Many a people do not even realize where we are, even though they talk about it to other brethren and warn others.

We have crossed the Jordan. We are right there. Michael will soon stand up.

The sermons from the majority are entertaining and subtly disguised. The ways and gestures, the voice of the speaker, the music: Each is an abomination. But the mind has already been lulled. Usually one is calmed or soothed by music. But the sermons are so soothing and disguised that deception occupies the mind and sets it upon the less weightier matters, so that when the music is played, the minds of the people are sleep in the bed of death. And the abomination does not even bother them. They are not alarmed. They are not awakened. It is a form of hypnotism.

We have crossed the Jordan. We are right there. Michael will soon stand up.

Many souls are lulled by the soothing calm nice voice and smile of the preacher/pastor. They receive the words spoken. They proclaim it a “good message.” Many do not realize they are being programmed away from the urgency of knowing where we are and from truly being ready for the crisis ahead: Christ’s return.

We have crossed the Jordan. Michael will soon stand up.

Where are you in mind and body? Have you begun to be lax? Comfortable? Are you lulled so much that you really do not see that your fire has been snuffed?

We have crossed the Jordan. We are right there. Where will you be in mind and body when Michael stands up?

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