Just as you are: Come. Won’t you please come? Christ is waiting. Please do not delay. Time is almost finished.

God calls us to come. He does not ask us to do anything else first. Just come to Him. When we by faith come to Him, as we are surrendering to Him our all, willing to give up self to Him, we come willing to love God; for He first loved us.

God separates us from what (and from whom) will hinder us from eternal life. God cleans us up. God puts His Spirit in us, and we become changed. That which we used to love, we will now hate. That which we hated, we will now love. God creates in us a new creature. Old things are passed away. All things become new. We will not think, nor talk, nor walk the same. We will not dress, nor eat, nor drink the same.

All we have to do is to choose God by faith. Choose to die. God does the work of changing us, the work of conversion in us. God gives us both the will and the persistent power to do His good pleasure. We simply by faith choose. God does the rest.

We go on walking daily in the grace (favor or divine influence upon the heart) of God. We choose Life, walking in the love of God, living by faith His every word, empowered by His Grace.

But if we do not want to change, God will not force us.

We come to God as we are. But we do not stay the in the same state of mind and life that we came to Christ in. Remember, sin separates us from God. Sin cannot live in the presence of God. God is a consuming fire. God only destroys sin. Wherever sin dwells (and in whomever sin dwells), sin and those lodging sin will be destroyed.

God’s love in us is demonstrated by our freewill choice of obedience to His every word.

If we want to stay the same, if we want to continue doing and living our own ways, God will let us go. He does not force us to stay in His love. We cannot be in Light and darkness. It is impossible. Light and darkness have no fellowship one with the other.

Christ died that we might live. It’s our choice. Surrender your will to the will of God, before it is too late. Soon, time will be finished.

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