Do you know?

Do you know what the mark of the beast is? Do you know what the seal of God is? Do you know how Jesus Christ will return? Do you know that Jesus is in Heaven in the Sanctuary in the Most Holy Place ? Do you know what true repentance is? Do you know that you are to only confess your sins to God? Do you know that Jesus is returning to receive unto Himself those who love Him- those who are obedient to all the Word of God? Do you know that when a person dies that they do not go to heaven, buy they are asleep in the grave… and not every one that is in the grave died in Christ?

Do you know that there is no secret rapture? Do you know that it matters to God what you eat and drink- that He has health laws that we are to obey; for it affects us spiritually- our minds?

Do you know that the Ten Commandments were not done away with?

Do you know that it does matter what day you worship God on- for He calls His true children to worship Him on the day He sanctified and made Holy, the seventh-day; and if you choose to instead worship on the day man said to (Sunday- the first day of the week)you are rejecting God, you are disobeying God- showing forth that you do not love Him; you are giving glory to Satan not God- did you know that?

If you are wanting to study out the Word of God line upon line, line upon line; precept upon precept, precept upon precept; here a little there a little, please call upon God and He will teach you of Him- if you are sincere. If you would like to study out and reason together, please contact me at, or inbox me.

Jesus Christ is soon to return, if you are not living the Word, truth- if you are not in love obeying God’s Word, all His commands; you will be forever lost when He returns. Right now, how you live- what you believe, what you accept, what and who you reject; who you worship and how you worship, the character that is being developed- is determining if your name is written and if it will remain written in the book of life.

We have not much time. This is of the utmost urgency! I’m pleading with all- get ready, make your call and election sure…. You have not time- it is almost finished.

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