Here I Stand!

True love is God’s love. True love chastens. True love tells you the truth and does not simply tell you what you want to hear. True love gets a bad rap, because it is misunderstood in a world that has no concept of true love.

Ultimately, God seeks to save. Since Day One, He made man with the freedom of choice. He has to allow your choices, as well as the brokenness that comes with them, especially when they will serve the purpose of saving you. Consequently, God will not override your choices, nor their consequences, if your choices are contrary to His will.

We expose ourselves to music and acting (lying drama) that do not enrich our Christian experience, yet we call on Jesus name. God is not in it. We may sense (even know) that it is not in harmony with God’s Word. Yet, if we keep letting in what we were shown before to have nothing to do with, God will allow it. He will not force us otherwise. He will allow us return to our vomit. That it is our choice.

I have made more than enough wrong turns and many bad choices in the past. I have learned many lessons from them. Now, by faith I choose—no, I refuse—to return to my vomit. God has given me His discernment to see and to hear. And by Him I stand. God holds me up. He keeps me from falling. I choose by faith to hold on to my integrity.

Here I stand!

If I hear drums with music sounding like a mix of gospel and jazz or music, like the world plays (love songs), I start rebuking it in Jesus name—automatically. I will not even go on to the sermon. If a pastor introduces a woman as a minister or pastor, I am not going on to listen. Why? By doing so, I am supporting something God did not ordain.

Sin separates from God. If I listen, I will become changed. The creep comes in with compromise, and before you know it, I am changed. I begin to go back to doing, believing what God showed me is error.

If I watch a documentary or program promoting the lie that the dead go to heaven, I won’t continue listening and watching, excusing that it has a “good” message. That is an oxymoron.

Satan is always going to disguise evil. He will be subtle with most. But with some, he is outright bold. We must remember. Alone, we are no match for Satan. Only with God working in us can we have divine power over Satan and all devils.

Sin has to be called out for what it is; else many more will be deceived. No sugarcoating it. No laughing it off. No being silent. No letting it go on, saying nothing. It will only increase with the deceiving.

This is no time to be lax. No time to be tired. Don’t be weary in well doing. For in due season, we will reap, if we faint not. We have a work to do. We need not to put our hands to work, being concerned about where our food, clothing, necessities will come from.

God provides. When we try to do that which God is to do, we show we have no faith. God will provide, as long as we put all our trust in Him. When we take Him at His Word, He will do what His Word says He will do. Period.

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