The Fruit Truth

Fruit will always show the truth. Identify the fruit and you will always reveal which tree it is rooted in. The same is true spiritually.

Nothing done in darkness stays in the dark. Satan tempts to get one to fall. One person’s decision to do or not to do—to say or not to say—affects more than just that person who decided to listen to the one Satan used to snare them. People think they have their own minds. Smh…and they do. But that goes only as far as the choice God freely gives.

Satan is dirty and hits below the belt. He uses all kinds of people and things to deceive and lie. He disguises people and things. Without God, the soul cannot and will not discern the truth. It’s best that we know what loving God is and know His will.

Don’t be deceived. God says we must repent and be converted. In the end, no one who remains unconverted is going anywhere but into the lake of fire prepared for the devil and his angels.


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