When the world’s holiday lands on the only Holy Day

No matter who you are, no matter where you are, the seventh-day Sabbath is the holy day. No other day—so-called holiday—can claim its holiness.

I cannot say Christ is the reason for this worldly season; because truly, He is not. December 24th is not the eve of Christ birth: Christ was not born the 25th of December. And He never commanded we celebrate His memory on a specific day. Christ specifically told us what to do in remembrance of Him. It is now what most call communion service.

I cannot mingle truth and error.

The seventh-day Sabbath is God’s holy day. I may seek God on your behalf every day, but even more on Sabbath.

Oh how I love Jesus Christ, because He first loved me. I do give God glory and celebrate Him daily, for He is the reason for the season 365 days. Let that marinate.

We need God. Christ is coming soon, very soon. Let us not learn the ways of the heathen… Let us turn away from our wicked worldly ways and hearken unto the voice of God and love Him. Obey Him. Let us seek God, while He may be found.

There are a lot of distractions. Don’t think it is strange. Despite distractions, seek God before it is too late.

Loving God is the lifestyle of His redeemed 365 days. The problem is that many do not love with God’s love. They do not have it. One cannot live nor give what they do not have.

Truth is, God cannot and will not put His love or His Spirit into those who reject His word, His truth, His sanctifying process, His righteousness. God will not override our choices, which are revealed in how we live—no matter what our words are.

God bless us all. May we all be ready for that great and terrible day of the Lord.


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