The Bottom Line

It really comes down to this: We have to truly love God with His love and have the faith of Christ.

I was asked: But what do you do—how do you start over—when all your preparation of dry goods, canned goods, frozen goods are destroyed by fire or flood?

I answered: According unto our faith… God has a thousand ways to bless His people. But not all who profess to be His are His. We have to trust Him. We truly love Him and trust Him when His love is in us. God is the God of our salvation. He will perform His Word. He will fulfill every one of His promised blessings upon His people.

The bridegroom always provides. He takes care of His bride; for He is not an infidel.

All earthly support will be withdrawn; but not heavenly support. We have the forty-year testimony of the Israelites in the wilderness to believe this.

Preparation spiritually is first and foremost. Otherwise, the physical preparation is in vain. It means nothing.

Let that marinate.

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