My job is not to sugar-coat truth, but to tell it. I can only obey God by my God given freewill choice and God given faith, by His Spirit He puts in me.

Therefore, the truth is given in the love of God. What you decide to do with truth is your choice. Period. If truth bites, stings, stabs, pinches you, and if anger arises in you unto sin; it is because the Holy Spirit convicted you, and the flesh, the carnal flesh wants to hold on to error, hold on to sin because self has not died, self is not surrendered to God, the flesh loves sin. The devils, the unclean spirits whisper in your ear that this or that is not a salvation issue, don’t worry about it.

You best stop listening to Satan speak to you in your own voice. Wake up! Call out to Jesus for deliverance. If you are sincere, He will deliver you. It is His will.

Choose who you will serve today, right now today for tonight, tomorrow may be too late.

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