Smoke Screens: Don’t Be Distracted

There is more and more that surfaces and hits the headlines to distract the people of God.

Let our hearts (minds) remain focused upon God, the Lifter-Up of our heads. And let our eyes be light that our whole bodies—our very existence—be clothed with Christ righteousness. Then His glory will shine through us, as it did through Moses, after he spent long quality time with God in His holy mountain, on Holy ground.

The Most Holy place of God, where He seeks to dwell in is in our minds. It is in our minds that we sup with God, dining at His feet, humbled before Him, partaking of His word, eating it. We long for it more than for our necessary (physical) food.

He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. Oh, let us abide in the secret place of our God, our Creator, our Maker. Then, we will not fall to deception and be deceived by all the distractions around us.

Read Psalm 91. By faith and the grace of God, you may walk in the light of the Lord. Go on. Don’t be distracted. Spend long quality time with Him, in your mind, in His Word. No one and nothing will be able to deceive you. Every fiery dart of the wicked hurled at you, He will quench.

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