We Are Our Brothers’ Keeper

If we belong to God, we are His people. We are His church. And we know that we are our brother’s keeper, because God says and teaches us so. We are to love even our neighbor as ourselves.

Each and everyone is going either to heaven or to hell. Having justification, sanctification, and Christ righteousness, having repented and been converted: salvation; daily being a living witness of God to others that He is God; having lived God’s will before others in word and deed; having the love of God and the faith of Jesus: these go to heaven. Having false justification; thinking they will be sinning til Jesus comes; living and speaking how they want or how others tell them to; loving the things of the world; being governed by the world, instead of God; and living and leading others in this thinking: these all go to hell in ashes. These reap eternal death. They go into the eternal grave—the earth. They that lead into error and they that are led in error, into faithlessness and utter darkness, make their way to the grave of the earth: the eternal grave, hell. These are the ashes under the feet of those who receive eternal life. (Read Malachi 4:1-3.)

We are to tell people their sins, whether they want to hear it or not. Period. What they do with truth is a decision made only by them.

We are to pray for them. We are to ask God to intervene in their lives unto salvation—to deliver them from sin. This gives God permission to intervene in thier lives. This is the love of God. This is being the soul that fasts, that sacrifices self, that lays one’s life down for another (even for an enemy!) to be saved.

Praying without ceasing that others be saved, living the Word and keeping God‘s commandments by their faith choice and by the power (grace) of God before others: this is loving God supremely with His love, which He gives us. The world does not know the love of God. They do not have it. They cannot perceive it. It is foolishness to them. But God’s true people, His true church (people in Him and He in them), know Him, obey Him, love Him, for they are already saved of God.

Let that sink in.

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