The Dead Are Dead, Not Living No-Where…

Because of doctrines of devil’s taught as being truth, many have committed suicide thinking they will go to heaven when they die…. Many talking to devils impersonating dead loved ones and friends… Devils talking to people in their dreams impersonating dead loved ones, telling them to kill themselves so they can be with them, or telling them they can be with God. God forbids His people to communicate with the dead (for they are spirits of devils, devils impersonating the dead, familiar spirits)…

Please stop! Speak the truth when people die, not lies. Comfort with truth. And it is not no one’s job to put someone in heaven or eternal death when Jesus comes; We know it NOT… that is God’s business alone. We are to be about the living, and living the gospel before all around us, being God’s witness that He is God, making our call and election sure. The dead are dead, their probation closed… period. This is why we are not to wait but CHOOSE TO SURRENDER TO GOD RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW TODAY!!! Harden not your hearts…

Many have gone to the grave not in Christ because of “believing” in devils, in error, in Satan’s lie “thou shalt not surely die”, in Satan’s lie that the dead are spirits or souls floating around watching us, or are angels now and watching over us- for many a persons, be it pastors, mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents etc have taught lies. All teaching these lies to others will not enter the kingdom either if they continue in lies, if they do not turn away from sin and turn to God.

Please know we are to make a decision when the knowledge comes to us, and search it out, Ask God for His Spirit for truth and understanding. We have to seek out truth, dig for it as for hidden treasure. Let that sink in.

I am sharing an excellent study on the State of the dead. Please study led of The Holy Spirit by sincerely asking God for His Holy Spirit to guide you into all truth, and give you understanding, pray believing, asking and thanking God in Jesus name.

Study and show thyself approved of God…

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