The Bible Is Clear On The Matter…

The Bible is clear whether you should or should not get injected/jabbed, drug medicate based on God’s principles that our bodies are the Temple of God: they are not our own to do with as we please, to put on them, in them what we please; but only what God has created that is BEST for us. Also anything that is an abomination to God should not be injected, ingested, consumed, etc. God’s people are to be a witness that He is God… The God that has THE POWER to save, to heal, to make whole, to keep us from falling, to deliver us from evil.

The commandments of God are broad and deep… EVERY thing that is an abomination to God, that is mind altering, that poisons the blood, that affects the nerves, that damages circulation, affects our spiritual state is to be avoided, we are not to partake of , adhere to… etc.

EVERY SOUL has freedom of choice, period. God will not overrule ones’ choices. TO EVERY choice, there is a consequence either unto life, life eternal; or death, death eternal.

We are not to force, and stoop to they of the children of darkness. If one does stoop, they reveal their true state. Woe unto them if they do not repent…

Let us educate, inform, share, advise by God leading us to who, when, where, how; leave each decision to each soul. Pray, pray, pray for one another. Remember who you belong to, and call on Him. Let God give us the love we need to have the faith we need to walk in and live through these last days.

Let that sink in.

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