Who’s Character Is Being Perfected, Revealed In Your Life Choices?

The need for God and the want, the desire, the longing for God are two totally different things. EVERYONE needs God; but everyone does NOT want, long for, nor desire God.

Many DO NOT count the cost of their surrender to God, of accepting His gift, and instead profess Him yet take His name in vain as they deny God with their very lives.

Most want the benefits of being a follower of Christ, of being God’s called, God’s ambassador; but many do not want to GIVE UP ALL FOR GOD. Many want the promised blessings of God without meeting the conditions to receive His blessings.

God does not share not even 1% of us with Satan. It is time to STOP the double-mindedness! For a double-minded man is unstable in ALL his ways… Be who you are going to be! It is all about CHOICE. Do you choose GOD OR SATAN? That is our only choice. Our lives in all ALL we choose daily in our walk from eating, drinking, to what we watch, listen to, what we wear, what our thoughts are, the words we speak, our character, how we care for our minds and bodies: His Temple- giving man authority over our healing like man and man’s art of healing is more powerful or more weight than God who is our creator! Not one drug can even match in the most minute what GOD CAN DO! We spit in God’s face so to speak each time one puts their trust in the arm of man instead of in the MIGHTY POWER, MIGHTY SAVING POWER OF GOD! We either glorify, worship, serve God or Satan. Period. No middle or neutral stand or ground.

Ask yourself before every choice you make: who’s character is being perfected in me and revealed in my choice?

God will not seal us with His seal if our names do not REMAIN written in heaven. If one is under the persuasion that God’s Ten Commandments, His law are void, they choose to reject God’s truth, His word, His law: His love, His character; God will allow their choice of separation, and hate. God will not override one’s choice.

Our characters are not transformed in a twinkling of an eye, only our bodies are. Let that sink in.

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