Who Has The Authority /Who Have You Given The Authority To…?

Do not let no man tell you that you should go and prepare to die. No other human being is to speak on someone what they have no authority of God to speak. God alone is THE LIFE GIVER. God is the one who breathes life or no. As long as one has breath, go to God and acknowledge each and every sin confessing sin, forsaking sin, repenting… make restitution as far as possible. Trust God. Surrender to Him 100%. Do not try to hold on to no sin whether great or small, LET IT GO! Give sin up! Call on God the Life Giver. Exercise by your choice the faith He has given you. Choose to obey God: Choose to keep God’s commandments for they are life unto you. We but only CHOOSE, God does the rest. You may go home by man, them telling you that you are going to die; but they DO NOT KNOW GOD. How can I say that you ask? God said I shall know them by their fruits. Period.

We that know and love God pray the prayer of faith, we speak the word; we speak life praying God’s Word to Him and by our faith those for whom we pray, they will be healed. For those whom God has not given us specific instruction on, He has not revealed to us if they will continue in wrong habits, we do not know them from no where, but we pray for them according to God’s will giving God permission to intervene for them first asking Him to forgive them their sins… We first point the soul to God to acknowledge and confess sins specifically to God, choose to turn away from sin. God knows if they be sincere, if they love Him or no. We are not to just let anyone lay hopeless… If we be followers of Christ we speak to them telling them to make everything right with God, do not give up but go to God.

EVERY-TIME I have prayed for God to breathe His breath of life into a soul that they may have time, or another chance to get right with Him if they are not already- God did exactly that. So when they did die, I knew God did all without force that those persons surrender to Him in truth.

I know what God has done and is doing for me! I know what man has said and God overruled because He is my Maker. Period.

Choose to trust and love God. God does the empowering that we do… The SAVED of God live His word live obedience: live love unto God for THEY ARE ALREADY SAVED; not works to be saved.

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