The Dead…

With the Love of God and by His grace I tell you the truth: The dead know not anything. They are in the earth. They are not gone to heaven. They do not laugh, nor worship, nor have thoughts… they return not to their houses…They are dead. It is sin against God to speak lies telling others that the dead are in heaven, even while you think you are comforting another, a lie is a lie. You are teaching another soul against, contrary to the word of God which is also sin against God. If you see someone, come across or hear, or in your dreams one who has died and they are before you etc: It is not them but IS A DEMON. Do not talk to them, nor acknowledge them in any way shape or form. Call on God, speak Lord rebuke thee in Jesus name, for if you do not know God, it is best you leave that to God. Stop talking to the dead for they cannot hear nor answer you, it is demons you hear and talk to. Stop wishing the dead happy birthday, happy anniversary, etc… for you are inviting demons to come into your midst and be at play on Satan’s ground.

The love of God is truth, never a lie, never error. The love of God is only light and is no darkness at all. The love of God is righteous and is no unrighteousness. The love of God is only holy. The love of God has no part in or of sin. Period. The love of God prays for enemies, for foes, for those who hurt, for those who use and abuse and lies. The love of God separates from sin and does not yield to it, nor compromise truth. The love of God hates sin. The love of God believes on Jesus: lives the word of God by faith and choice and the very Power of God by His Spirit in the soul.

Tell the truth and love instead of lying and hating showing to be an enemy of God.

Let that sink in.

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