Run Run Run To God…

Many are dying and killing themselves and others… stop thinking you know God and run to Him, surrender your all. Choose to obey Him for it is loving Him. We do not even love God by our own might. We choose by faith… God does the rest in us. He does the changing work that must take place. No one choosing their own way and ways of others will be changed by God: God will not override your choice. Period. Stop being deceived.

We either choose life or death. Period. If we reject God’s word on any point, we reject Him.

No one choosing to kill themselves has the Spirit of God in them: That is the mind controlled by Satan. No one choosing to take another’s life has the Spirit of God in them: that mind is controlled by Satan. Many are choosing to kill themselves while yet being alive: slow death, no symptoms until it is too late.

Choose God while you can, before it is too late. Please. Please. Please. No one loves you, us more than God, no one. BUT God hates sin and no one having chosen to hold on to sin no matter how seemingly insignificant or minute will enter God’s kingdom. We either have faith and love God, or we hate God and love Satan. That is it. Period.

Time is almost finished. Stop playing on Satan’s ground and GET YOUR HOUSES IN ORDER AND GET IN GOD’S HOUSE. Choose Christ, it does not matter if you have killed, drug yourself to nothing, etc… run run run to God please before it is too late, by faith, surrender to God, acknowledge confess forsake sin, repent and be converted that your sins be blotted our… God will accept you.

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