God, The Lifter Up Of My Head

Someone dear to my heart is gone and they came to my mind- I allowed myself to think back as I asked God “What could I have done?” Something was wrong; for when they came to me, I discerned of God to pray. I encouraged, and prayed… When I looked in their eyes I could see they were not alright. I prayed, wanted to help; but there was another that loathed the thought of us having a relationship… so the one dear to my heart kept distance; but would contact me for answers and help for they knew I loved them and would give it. O how I would light up when they contacted me for I loved them so much. I see that we cannot help those who shut the door to us because of others influence; for when we try it is turned into something else. God is the only Answer, the soul has to cooperate for God will not and cannot force our choice. Prayer is the help we give- prayer is the spiritual weapon of all wars that will bring victory. Prayer is the means by which we give God authority to intervene, thus many we feed, clothe, give shelter, visit souls sick, homeless, hungry, and in the prison of bondage to sin. Each soul’s choice, is theirs… It is the influence of error sowed in the mind that reaps one to self destruct in crisis… Satan is able to speak to that soul, and that soul, exercising their freewill of choice God has given, to take their own life because error was so sown; they believed killing themselves was the answer instead of going to God the Life Giver, the God of salvation. O if the souls in this state would receive the seeds of Truth- of Life planted! I give to God again my pain and sorrow… and God it is that brings peace to heart in mind… Thus, I grieve not as the world grieves. God comforts me, lifts up my head; I am at peace. Thank You Lord. Thank You Lord.

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