What It Is, Is…

See… when you know where you been; where God has brought you from; you know where He will take you! ALL THE WAY MY SAVIOR LEADS ME! It is not boasting in oneself… It is not boasting thinking oneself higher or above anyone else… It is not one thinks they are holier than thou… It is not that one thinks they have arrived and you haven’t.. No… What it is, is knowing the very power of God to create something out of nothing! The power of God! The power of God to take a chief sinner, forgive them, clean them up, clothe them, put them in their right mind; and shape and mold them into a humble righteous servant! It is not one thinking they all that and a bowl of cherries if you will; but it is that they know they are but dust!!! O the power of God to take that dust and transform them, restore them unto His image- His character He perfects in the soul. When you know how low you been! Come on now!!! And God heard you call “I need you to deliver me o Father in the name of Jesus” alleluia!!! FATHER!!! O FATHER IN THE NAME OF JESUS, THANK YOU. And it is that they want God to do for you what He did for them… O it is that we are each our brother’s, our sister’s keeper… let that sink in

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