The World’s Holidays And A Meal Does It? REALLY?

You mean to tell me a “meal” on the day (holiday- holy day) that the world/mankind.. tells all living to do”- a “day” in which the meal cooked and prepared cost sometimes more or what would feed a poor and needy person or family for a week or more tells God you and your relatives that you are thankful to God? That You love God while you harm His temple while He is not in the “holy day” because only God can “make a day and people holy- let that sink in… and while you sit to and put your feet to abominations to God? Really? What are you teaching others in this gathering of the meal on this “holiday” (holy day)? Is it God, His character taught by life and by spoken words, having fun searching His scriptures, laughing and talking about His goodness for He is Good, Goodness.. everyday? Helping others come to know God, know what it is to love God what that looks like in the life? May not have to “say” a lot at all.. but what is the life speaking daily? and not just in feeding the hungry, helping the poor throughout the year- but it is so much than even that, for even the heathen do that, the atheist do that… let that sink in.

I say again, a day can only be holy if God made it holy. The world cannot make nothing nor no one holy; and neither can anything or anyone else. You weren’t professing to live unto God loving Him with all your might yesterday, the days before today? Really? A meal with relatives on the last Thursday or the last 5th day of the month does it? Really? We best know God for real or many of us will be lost and may be already. Let that sink in.
Many are in depression more on this day and on other the world’s “holidays” (holy days) because “the holiday day” (holy day) has come and they do not have the “money” or “means” to “buy” to cook what traditions have taught them that they ought to do or have to do or it is just not a “holiday” (holy day)- let that sink in while you speak legalism is obeying God… smh. Or, it is that their mother/father/spouse/grandparent(s)/ child etc is gone in the earth- in to the grave. Yes they miss them other days but the world’s “holidays” are worse, some kill themselves because they are chronically depressed, so grieved they can no longer bear being here without their loved one(s). This is a self state, state of mind that God has nothing to do with one being in it. But God is the solution to it. Amen. The truth shall make you free, free indeed, and being free in God is not professing God in err after the truth, the knowledge has come to you. When God is one’s all, that pain that grief lessens and lessens because the focus is not on self (a dead state of mind) and/or the focus is not on the dead, not worshiping the dead in tattoos and piercings etc not in idolatry… and memorialized on the world’s “holidays”; but it is that the soul completely surrendered to God by faith, dead to self by the power of God is healed and made whole because they have by faith gave themselves up to God to His will to be totally governed by God… following Him wherever He goeth… let that sink in.

Let not the devil deceive us through any means.. be not deceived of the devil in these holidays (holy days of the world) times and days and seasons Satan uses to gain access into; and then control of the mind; But purpose by faith, choice to please God by His Power not by our might; die daily, Let Him empower us to walk in His ways- allow God to order our steps in His word- This is a daily process of being sanctified by God by His word. If we behold God daily in His word; we will become changed by Him. This creature puts away the old and is become new- a new creature in Christ covered with His righteousness, by His Spirit He puts in us, walking in the Spirit by the power of the Holy Ghost and not after the flesh living carnally- not living self-righteousness. Let that sink in.

God bless us all, especially in these last days for His return is coming soon… Let us be about our Father in Heaven His business; and He will be about ours- First seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. Let that sink in.

God bless us today in our living, may our steps be ordered by our Creator and Redeemer and not by the father of lies the author of confusion the tempter and accuser the life destroyer.

Repent and be converted,
Watch and pray
Be not deceived

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