Let Go And Let God…

Let Go and Let God… Do we really know what this is? Do we know how to do this? Do we know that this is possible and all things especially what one may think is impossible; but that all things are possible with God? Do we really know this by searching the scriptures and God’s word has come alive in our minds and lives? If not, come on let us have a made up mind by our faith to Let Go and Let God… God has to put His Spirit in us for this to be- for God gives us both the will and to do His good pleasure… through the Holy Spirit. Message me or email me at baiom7@outlook.com… let us search the scriptures and know God, love God, be kept by God. You may just need to express need for prayer… I am here… I, by God’s grace, choose not to gossip, be a talebearer, spreading misfortune, failure, discouragement etc… by your permission, I may seek an answer through someone else that has a knowledge of that which is at hand- that I may help using resources I may know of, but otherwise; You do not have to wonder if; you will not have to worry about if what you relay to me will be repeated. Take everything to God in prayer… God has especially been teaching me this, and more so I am really receiving full understanding what this entails; as well as not not seeking counsel, advise from the ungodly… I realized what that entails the hard way… nevertheless, lesson learned to take heed to what God tells me, for all His word is unto me ensample… and what He commands me to do is not to deprive me or to oppress me nor to harm me; but is His will- His word unto me for my best health and state spiritually and physically and mentally unto life and life eternal- this is unto you as well. For He loves you and me, and He loves us more than anyone. Period.

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