Tell The Truth, Do It

If we want to just gather together with relatives, loved ones, friends, etc… Let us just say it and do it. But take the rest of the costume off of it so that others are not in state of mind of depression because it sets the mind to what and/or who they “do not have” and they and their children in a state of mind of more failure and defeat, focusing on the don’ts because tradition tells them “its this way on this day”or you really not having “thanksgiving” etc… If not all the disguise attached to it; others do not think it that “IT HAS TO BE” this way or done that way and has to be today- it frees them up to choose whether they will or won’t… not “have to”, or its not “a day” of joy happiness etc but just gloom… Let minds be lifted up to the Lifter-up of our heads! To Him from Whom all joy and peace comes. Let that sink in.

Let God be the Head, Center- the Reason every day all year round doing as He bids us to do when where how why… Let that sink in.

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