Another of Many Remedies For Flu/Colds

This is just another of many remedies after praying to God I have personally tried as well as some in my family- my sister can testify what it did for her literally overnight! My grandchildren have literally been well overnight to 2 days after being sick for days with bad colds, coughs. Flu/bad cold/upper respiratory/congestion/bronchitis/mucusContinue reading “Another of Many Remedies For Flu/Colds”

Please Do Not Wait To Start The Process of Healing!

Please do not wait to start the process of healing! Start at the first sign of sickness- tired achy/itchy throat/ aching in body/glands in neck swollen… etc etc etc. At first sign, begin the process, also contacting someone you know of that is knowledgeable in natural remedies, herbs etc and make a conscious choice whatContinue reading “Please Do Not Wait To Start The Process of Healing!”